If you’d love to be part of our FBME Sisterhood or join our upcoming competitions, the registration process is easy.  Simply choose between the registration below.

2019 Heat Registration (Includes Annual Sisterhood Membership)

- Professional Spray Tan, hair styling, glam makeup

- Designer Calie Rae

- Fitness outfit for the fitness round: Black fitness shorts and Fit Bikini Model singlet

- Individual photo shoot with Richard Mamando with professional photos provided 

- Extra promotional photoshoots with our second photographer professional photos provided and opportunity for extra exposure

- Individual video clip provided of your FBME day montage plus feature in our promotional videos

- Photoshoot coaching

- Runway and stage coaching 

- Coaching session via skype with National modelling coach and head judge Nicole Huber

- Show ticket for a guest

- Strapt Meal Bag valued $89

- Everybodi Magnesium Coffee Scrub

- GoodMix Super foods Blend11 Mix

- Roar Organic electrolyte beverage

- Goodguts Probiotic Tea

- Nutrition Warehouse Pack (Bag, Singlet, Shaker & Gift Card)

- Bangn Body Firming Lotion

- Black Magic Self Tanning Mouse & Mitt

- Savage Fitness workout accessory

- Kapow Teeth Whitening Kit 

- Lots of sponsor discounts

-Opportunity for brand sponsorships

- 4 rounds on the FBME stage with a chance at winning the 2019 Heat Title Miss Fit Bikini Model, Runner Ups, Miss Girlfriend, Miss Photogenic and a new special award with epic prizes!