FBME 2020

There are a number of ways you can get involved with FBME and we'd love to have you join us!

If you'd like to be part of the Sisterhood, whether you are not quite ready to do a Pageant but you'd still love the the opportunity to join our supportive community, photoshoots and local events you can join as a member anytime.

If you would love to set you goal to join the FBME 2020 Pageant you can apply here: 

FBME 2020 Contestant Application


Miss Fit Bikini Model 2020 National Pageant
Final Registration Release

- Annual Sisterhood Membership (if you are already a member this will be deducted from your registration)

- Professional Spray tan, hair styling & glam makeup

- Designer bikini 

- Fitness outfit for the fitness round: Black fitness shorts and Fit Bikini Model singlet or sports bra

- Individual photo shoot with Richard Mamando with professional photos provided 

- Extra promotional photoshoots with our other photographers and opportunity for extra exposure

- Individual professional video clip provided of your FBME day montage

- Feature int the FBME promotional videos

- Photoshoot, runway, stage modelling coaching

- One on one modelling coaching session with one of the FBME Team

- Complimentary Health & Wellness coaching session with Fit Nourish Thrive

- Insulated handbag from Wolf and Flame valued at $169

- Lots of sponsor goodies (check out our social media at all the sponsor goodies from 2019 including haircare, skincare, tanning products, cosmetics, teeth whitening, supplements, super foods, apparel and more!) 

- Lots of sponsor discounts

- 4 rounds on the FBME stage with a chance at winning the 2020 National Title Miss Fit Bikini Model, Runner Ups, Miss Girlfriend, Miss Photogenic and a new special awards Miss Motivation, Miss Transformation and exclusive 2020 Award Miss Bright Eyes with epic prizes!

- Opportunity for brand ambassadorships & collaborations