National Finals - 31st Of May

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2019 Heat Registration (Includes Sisterhood Membership)

  • Professional Spray Tan, hair styling, glam makeup
  • Designer bikini
  • Fitness outfit for the fitness round: Black fitness shorts and Fit Bikini Model singlet
  • Individual photo shoot with Richard Momando with professional photos provided
  •  Extra promotional photoshoots with our second photographer professional photos provided and opportunity for extra exposure
  • Individual video clip provided of FBME day montage plus feature in our promotional videos
  • Photoshoot coaching
  • Posing and stage coaching
  •  Coaching session via skype with National modelling coach and head judge Nicole Huber
  • Show ticket for a guest
  • Strapt Meal Bag
  • Lots of sponsor goodies (check out our social media at all the goodies from 2018 including haircare, skincare, tanning products, cosmetics, teeth whitening, supplements, super foods, apparel and more!)
  •  Lots of sponsor discounts
  • 4 rounds on the FBME stage with a chance at winning the 2019 Heat Title Miss Fit Bikini Model, Runner Ups, Miss Girlfriend, Miss Photogenic and a new special award with epic prizes!
  • Opportunity for brand sponsorship
  •  Discount to FBME Workshop Melbourne 20 January, Gold Coast 3 February