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The Miss Fit Bikini Model pageant is a wonderful way to boost your confidence and learn new skills in the areas of personal development, social media, modelling and more. Our program offers a supportive and non judgemental environment for you to learn, grow and celebrate your journey. We encourage a holistic approach to fitness in preparation for the Pageant as well as all year round.


Our education workshops and 1:1 coaching services often include:

✔︎ Photoshoot & runway modelling
✔︎ Social media support
✔︎ Personal & business branding
✔︎ Brand collaborations & media kits
✔︎ Nutrition, fitness & wellness
✔︎ Mindset & empowerment


There are many opportunities for our FBME Sisterhood to participate in photoshoots and sponsor campaigns all year round. This is a fantastic opportunity for extra experience, content and exposure.


'The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.' That is what we are all about!


✔︎ Mentoring & education in various areas (social media, mindset, goals, modelling, branding, nutrition & fitness)
✔︎ Access to exclusive challenges & giveaways
✔︎ Professional tan, hair & makeup by our beauty team
✔︎ Swimwear & fitness outfit provided for show day
✔︎ 2 Day photoshoot experience + coaching
✔︎ Professional photos + personal video montage
✔︎ Exclusive access to our private #FBMESisterhood FB group


Finalists will receive the opportunity to work with leading brands & become an ambassador with our incredible sponsors. As part of the program you will receive activewear, swimwear, supplements, health foods, beauty essentials, fitness accessories & more!



All models participate in every round. These rounds are intended to be fun and creative to show us who you are on the inside and out and aims to show your versatility. To do so, you’re offered ample individual time on stage (T-walk style runway), including walk and posing. This is your time to shine! Upon registration you will receive a questionnaire about your lifestyle, your goals, achievements, interests etc.  This will compile your stage introductions so that we can really personalise and showcase your journey.

Fitness Round
This round is where you can showcase your energy and demonstrate that you live a fit lifestyle. Remember, FIT looks different on everyone! We do not have strict guidelines for ab definition. Fit and healthy is what we look for. Fitness outfit provided.

Sporting Interest Round 
This round is where you can show your sport interest, passion or hobby. You can choose something you love, and let us see your personality and skills shine on stage. This could be golf, dancing, yoga, boxing, weights and the like. We encourage you to be creative and true to yourself.

Bikini Round
Our Bikini round is to showcase your confidence and loving the skin you’re in. A fabulous bikini is provided to you in your registration and is yours to keep! Nude heels are to be worn in this round.

Evening Gown Round
This is the glamorous round on the FBME Stage. You wear an evening gown of your choice so we can see your style, grace and poise.

Miss Fit Bikini Model isn’t just about how you look and present on stage. We look for women who are willing to be vulnerable and can be their authentic self. The evening gown category includes a Q&A; segment. This is your chance to show everyone how well you speak in front of a crowd and really show your personality. This is also a great round to grow your confidence!


Miss Fit Bikini Model
Miss Fit Bikini Model is fit and healthy, she has a positive and balanced approach to her health and fitness.  She is a natural behind the camera, shines and performs on film.  She is friendly, kind and helpful. She is sociable, takes time to meet and spend time with people, makes others feel welcome and is gracious at all times.  She inspires others, shares our core values and can be a role model to others.

Miss Inspiration
Miss Inspiration is awarded to the lady who exuberates enthusiasm and who is truly inspiring to others through sharing her journey.

Miss Girlfriend
Miss Girlfriend is awarded to the lady who shows the most friendly, kind and helpful nature. She takes time to meet and spend time with people, makes others feel welcome and is gracious at all times. This award is judged by the other contestants and the FBME Team.

Miss Transformation
Miss Transformation is awarded to the lady who has experienced and demonstrates a transformation through her health and fitness journey.  This can be a physical or mental transformation and is judged via social media content (your general attitude and message) Contestant Questionnaire and the FBME Team.

Miss Culinary
Miss Culinary is our new Title for 2023 and will be awarded to the lady who has a passion for creative cooking. She shares her love for nutrition and recipes through her social media presence.

Miss Industry Impactor
Miss Industry Impactor is awarded to the lady who works in or is involved in the fitness, health, or modelling space that is making a positive impact.

Is a new special award that will be announced on stage.

Prizes & Opportunities
Other great reasons to get involved are the fabulous prizes on offer! Our prizes often consist of active wear apparel, skincare, haircare, cosmetics, teeth whitening, tanning products, superfoods, supplements, fitness accessories, handbags and more! Whether our contestants place or not, there are opportunities for consideration of brand Sponsorship and Ambassadorships with many of our Sponsors.

Miss Fit Bikini Model Terms and Conditions



My FBME experience has allowed me to step into my confidence as a mother & woman. I love the body confidence I have strengthened over my time with preparing for the stage & shoots.


Best bit? There can't be just one. The build up, the preparation, the confidence boost, the sisterhood, before the show, photo shoots, hair and make up, the pageant, I loved every moment - it taught me so much about myself and for that I am forever grateful


It has seriously been such a great experience that I came back for more. Helping behind the scenes and then coming back as an alumni model last year was such a highlight. I love to meet likeminded women, work with all the amazing sponsors, the photoshoots are so much fun... every part of the FBME is rewarding and AMAZING


Are you tired of playing small & holding yourself back from reaching your full potential? It's time to expand into your mostconfident & unapologeticself. Join the sisterhood & create lifelong friendships in a supportive environment that celebratesYOU!