Pageant Info

How Does the Day Run?
The Miss Fit Bikini Model Pageant is a wonderful way to boost your confidence and learn new skills in the areas of personal development, performance and showcasing your dedication to a healthy lifestyle and your fitness. We offer a supportive and non judgemental environmental for you to be centre stage – presenting your fit and healthy body. We love our models to look and be healthy. While a fitness bikini pageant, we celebrate a woman’s body and want our entrants to do the same!

To help you look and feel your best during the pageant day, all hair, spray tan and makeup is included in the registration. This is to ensure it is equal across the board. Appointments are made for each contestant for their hair and makeup for the pageant morning, and you will receive touch ups throughout the day to keep you looking your best while also making sure you receive that extra special model treatment.

All Models participate in every round round. These rounds are intended to be fun and creative to show us who you are on the inside and out and aims to show your versatility. To do so, you’re offered ample individual tine on stage T-walk style runway), including walk and posing. This is your time to shine! Upon registration you will receive a questionnaire about your lifestyle, your goals, achievements, interests etc.  This will compile your stage introductions so that the audience and judges can get to know you more personally.

Fitness Round
You will receive your outfit for this round in your registration. This includes fitness shorts and a Miss Fit Bikini Model Singlet. You just need to bring your black sneakers and strut your stuff on stage in a fun bubbly way.

Sporting Interest Round 
This round is where you can show your sport interest, passion and hobby. You can choose something you love, and let us see your personality and skills shine on stage. This could be golf, dancing, yoga, boxing, weights and the like. We encourage you to be creative and true to yourself.

Bikini Round
Our Bikini round is to showcase your confidence and your fit, healthy body.
A fabulous designer bikini is provided to you in your registration and is yours to keep! Nude heels are to be worn in this round.

Evening Gown Round
This is our glamourous round of FBME. You wear an evening gown of your choice so we can see your style, grace and poise.

Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza isn’t just about how you look and present on stage. We look for women who can speak well and who can hold interesting conversations. The evening gown category includes a Q&A segment. This is your chance to show everyone how well you speak in front of a crowd and really show your personality. This is also a great round to grow your confidence!

Miss Fit Bikini Model
Miss Fit Bikini Model has the traits of both Miss Girlfriend and Miss Photogenic. She is fit and healthy, she has a positive and balanced approach to her health and fitness, she inspires others, shares our core values and can be a role model to others.

Miss Photogenic
FBME Miss Photogenic is awarded to the most photogenic lady at each heat and the final. The Miss Photogenic award is judged by the photographers and the FBME Team. This is a coveted award and will go to the lady who really shines and performs on film. We are looking for a natural behind the camera.

Miss Girlfriend
FBME Miss Girlfriend is awarded to the lady who shows the most friendly, kind and helpful nature at each heat and the final. Miss Girlfriend is sociable, takes time to meet and spend time with people, makes others feel welcome and is gracious at all times. The Miss Girlfriend award is judged by the other contestants and the FBME Team.

Finalist For Life Program

In 2019 we introduced the Finalist For Life Program.  If you have placed at a Heat or qualified for a Finals since 2015 you can register for the National Finals each year.  The exception is for the National Winner, who cannot reenter once crowned Miss Fit Bikini Model.


Other great reasons to get involved are the fabulous prizes on offer! Our prizes often consist of active wear apparel, skincare, haircare, cosmetics, teeth whitening, watches, healthy clean treats, gym memberships, vouchers from sponsors, supplements, tanning products and sponsorship opportunities!


We are changing things up for 2020!  There will be no Heats as we are focusing more on bringing more opportunities and value nationally for the Sisterhood.

To register for the 2020 National Finals, simply click this link to start your application process.

FBME 2020 Contestant Application

If you are a Finalist For Life you can go straight to registering here


"The day was delightful and I loved the photography experience. I still look back at the photos taken on that day and get excited for FBME 2019!  The prizes and gifts were amazing! Miriam and the team have done an outstanding job running such a supportive and uplifting comp"

Martha Murdoch, 2018 Melbourne Miss Photogenic

“Being in my forties  I never thought I would get up on a stage in a bikini. Doing FBME was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life. I felt so welcomed and had incredible support from the sisterhood. The gifts from the sponsers are brillant. I felt so comfortable and amazing. It certainly is a competition that I would love to do again. If you're looking at doing your first competition. FBME is an excellent start.”

Michelle Harris, 2018 National Finalist